Mercervale Daffodils and Nursery

Mixed Daffodils

Small grade mixed

We offer several mixes of daffodils - the mixture is selected by us

To choose, select from the options at bottom of this page

Mixed bulbs:

A fantastic blend of all that has been lifted this season

          10 + flowering sized bulbs             65c each

          100+ flowering sized bulbs           60c each

          Over 300 flowering sized bulbs   50c each

          Small grade mixed                        10c each   the odd one may flower next spring but most will take a year or two

Colour mixed (our choice of varieties) – 60c each bulb

Available in the following colour mixes

          yellow;  yellow and orange/red;  white;  white and yellow;  white and orange/red;  white and pink  

Seasonal mixed (our choice of varieties) -  60c each bulb

Choose from  

     early spring;  mid spring;  mid to late spring;  late spring

Small grade mixed