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You've arrived at Mercervale Daffodils & Nursery. Thanks for visiting! You may continue to order but please see notice below.

COVID-19 Level 4

While us plant and garden lovers undoubtedly consider our passion to be ‘essential’ to our well being, our nursery is classed as a ‘non-essential’ service and will be closed to the public and for order despatches from now until the Level 4 restrictions are lifted.  You may continue to order from us via our website, Trade Me, phone or email -  see below for delivery info

COVID-19 Level 3

The nursery here on site will remain closed during Level 3 but we plan to get deliveries of orders underway again during this stage. To ensure your safety we will be following guidelines for handling especially hand washing before packing and after closing cartons for each order.  No signature required will be standard on couriering.

Our gardens will no doubt be a considerable source of pleasure and solace to us over the coming weeks. I’m already looking out old Gardener’s World programmes, getting out the gardening books and planning exciting things for the garden and nursery as I would do over winter!

Be assured that as soon as the situation changes we will hit the ground running and get your garden treasures on their way to you. I will email with tracking number as usual when they’re on their way.

Stay safe. Take care of yourself and your family and happy gardening

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VISITORS are very welcome to view the daffodils - we have a photographic daffodil display for out of flowering season. We are open most days from 2-6pm to visit the nursery. If you're travelling far it may pay to contact us first to be sure we're there.

Pic: Kiwi Solstice


Why not join the NZ National Daffodil Society? For details and great information go to

Why not join the NZ National Daffodil Society? For details and great information go to