Mercervale Daffodils and Nursery


6 June

Narcissus bulbocodium ‘Pandora’ - The first daff of the year.

I used to miss many of the bulbocodiums when they were in the mini beds behind the barn so this year I have them plunged in the vege’ garden beside the washing line and this year I didn’t miss a thing!! 

10 July

Narcissus bulbocodium ‘Julia Jane’ below

Another lovely bulbocodium hybrid.  It has a tiny crinkled bud out of which grown this wide mouthed flower.  Gorgeous

Julia Jane Side view of Julia Jane

19 July

More stunning bulbocodium hybrids are flowering

Jessamy Taffeta

8 August

The Daffodil Barn.

Getting ready for spring visitors with some of the potted bulbs beginning to put good growth on.

Look for the ‘great reveal’ further down

8 August

Jetfire Little Gem

3 September

Earlies in Paddock 2 and show bed down 2012 at left.

Note the straw.  All paddock beds and paths, and path only of shows bed were covered with barley straw in August. The main purpose was to reduce the weed competition but an unexpected bonus was the extra warmth the straw reflected on to the plants.  Blooms in general were bigger than I’ve ever seen – varieties I’d removed from show beds years ago were producing very nice blooms, many perfectly capable of being exhibited.  There was a downside though – a marked increase in munching slugs.  But there was an upside to that too – lots of skinks on the paddocks.  Ain’t mother nature a wee cracker!!

Warbler in foreground Chanson Phalarope & Tinkerbell Utiku

7 September

This year we have done several markets – our table at the Balclutha Pop Up Market

15 September

The Great Reveal - The Daffodil Barn - What a delight to watch the faces of visitors to the barn when they step in! 

I have had a dream on cleaning it out and setting it up for the sole use of my daffodil work and to have my photos of my daffs around the wall.  People can see what they look like any time of the year. There are presently photos of 599 varieties and even I was surprised how stunning they look and how much area they took up.  Wonderful.  

I hope the ancestors are happy with the use we are putting this lovely old historical building too!  The walls are covered in ancient ‘grafiiti’ and not so ancient from our 3 sons.  If you see the gap centre left of the first pic you will just pick out prizes that were on the door dating from as early as 1917.  The strange stepped gap centre right in first pic is where 2 children, born 1911 & 1913, signed their names in what looks like red crayon.

I wish the birds would respect it though – every day I have to take out little piles of nesting material and wash the bird poo off the floor and tables!

Interior of Daffodil Barn Interior view of Barn


This modest little chap made me very happy this year.  I thought I had lost it as I haven’t seen a flower for 6 years.  This year this bulbocodium hybrid flowered again with a total of 5 blooms

28, 29 September

Dunedin Spring Show - Pleased to receive 3 trophies and 4 premiers this year.

Winning collection 12 varieties, 3 of each Ombersley

Some of my miniatures in the show

Kokopelli Snipe Wilma

4 October

Balclutha Spring Show

Premier Open Section ‘Badbury Rings’

Premier vase of 3 ‘Paige’ at top, ‘Birthday Girl’ at bottom

Badbury Rings Premier Vase of 3

17 October

Great day catching up with flowering records, taking cuttings (no not of daffs) and generally relaxing as the flowering winds down. Love this time as I can really enjoy the blooms and pottering.

The pic at left is of one of the Irish imports. The colour is outstanding. The Irish varieties are still in pots and probably have another year or so after planting in ground to completely acclimatise after their great migration down under. Only 3 flowered this year out of the 7 but I expect great things from them next spring.

This pretty daffodil was grown by my late Mum and I was thrilled to see it flowering this year - the first time since she died 10 years ago. I have persisted with it and so glad I did. I miss her throughout the year but particularly in spring - it was Mum's love of daffs, from a small child until the day she died, that led me down this particular pathway. She would have enjoyed seeing the paddocks and show beds today and I miss our shared joy and talking daffs. One day I'll name a daff for Mum but in the meantime here's an old variety (registered 1958) 'Salome' - 2W-PPY

20 October

Some thoughts as I update my website. I have really enjoyed spring this year.  Several factors in this – great support from my busy farmer husband; admitting I can’t do it all myself and getting some great helpers on the team;  the joy of the flowers;  the ‘Daffodil Barn’;  the sight of a stunning seedling of ‘Little Henry’ (a very neat and clean, rich coloured 1Y-WWY intermediate sized flowers!!!!!!);  BUT MOST OF ALL the great pleasure of opening to the public.  It’s been a blast people, and I’m looking forward to next spring.  What exciting new flowers and great people await.

30 October

I’m very happy to have completed the updates of the site.  Three new releases this year so do check them out.  To celebrate I strolled down to the paddock then round the daffs at the house.  A very odd spring – began very early like last year but now the late bloomers are very late.

Still flowering in the paddocks Still flowering in the paddocks Narcissus biflorus Sun Disc Sun Disc Bebop Sea Gift Como Gay Kybo