Mercervale Daffodils and Nursery


24 September

Dunedin Spring Show - some of the Premiers

Barndance Bravoure Pearly Gates Polar Gift Polar Imp Trumpet Warrior


Exhibited by Bert Hill


Premier Novice exhibited by Dave Young

Pearly Gates

Exhibited by Alan Brown

Polar Gift

Beautiful small cup exhibited by Bert Hill

Polar Imp

exhibited by Alan Brown

Trumpet Warrior

Lovely reverse bi-colour trumpet exhibited by the McFarlanes.

31 September - 1 October 2011

Balclutha Spring Show and Catlins Horticultural Spring Show (Owaka)

Premier Miniature Owaka Show Owaka Show

Premier Miniature

Exhibited by Fay Lowery 2012 comment – this little chap also won a Premier for Faye at the South Island National Show and again at Balclutha

Owaka Show

Barndance did it for me this year – Grand Champ at Catlins Horticultural Show

Owaka Show

Fairy Chimes was the mini Premier – grown to perfection by Bev and Russell Findlay

6 October

For the first time we travelled to Te Anau for the last show of the season.  What a wonderful event – amazing flowers, wonderful friendly people and a glorious part of the country.  Great fun!  Barndance gained a Premier division 3 for me again

Sheelagh Rowan Little Henry Triandrus seedling Te Anau Show

Sheelagh Rowan

The Grand Champ ‘Sheelagh Rowan’ grown by Trevor Rollinson

Little Henry

3 of my ‘Little Henry’ looking fabulous

Triandrus seedling

A very nice div 5 seedling by Malcolm Wheeler

Te Anau Show

Barely one third of the daffodils entered. A great show.

8 October

On the way home from Te Anau we turned off the highway early and took in the glorious site of the daffodil plantings at Kaihiku.

Both sides of the road are also planted for miles in either direction

Our youngest grandson inspecting the daffs for prize winners and the leaves – no virus there Nana!

These were shattered by hail last spring (see photo journal 2010) – they’ve recovered well haven’t they?!